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Whether you are new to the Greater Washington area or contemplating a local change of schools, a consultation with an experienced and knowledgeable counselor could save you both time and wasted energy by focusing your search upon the right schools for the right reasons. Having placed hundreds of students in local day schools for decades, we have developed not only an understanding of school programs and the kinds of students they can support best, but also an understanding of important distinctions when comparing school cultures, styles and philosophies. Our role is to assist parents in assessing, planning and applying – to help make sense of numerous choices in an efficient manner guided by common sense, experience and the relational understanding we cultivate through our work.

Day School Process

The first step is to call us and make an initial inquiry. Once in contact with an SCG representative, you will be asked a number of questions to help us quickly gain an essential overview and perspective. This information then allows us to direct you to the best consultant and recommend the right service level for you and your child. Often, families will be invited to speak with a consultant separately as a way to begin the process of establishing a personal consulting relationship. We would like to clarify needs and expectations as much as possible before formalizing a professional relationship. A comfortable working relationship built on integrity and mutual respect supports the best outcomes possible.

SCG Offers Three Levels of Day School Services

An initial hourly meeting may be a good way to start – or it may provide enough perspective and guidance to assure you that you are prepared to manage this process on your own. The advisory enables you to compile a list of schools specifically targeted to your child. The comprehensive service offers a list of schools and on-going professional guidance, as well as the support and collaboration of our whole group, until the placement at a new school is finalized. Hourly or advisory service is valuable as a standalone, or applicable to a more comprehensive level of service and support, outlined as follows:

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