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Our college counseling services are highly individualized and cater to the needs of each student and family. Some families seek initial guidance as early as 8th or 9th grade, though more typically in 10th or 11th, to learn about topics such as course selection and grades, extracurricular activities, summer plans, standardized testing, writing the college essay, and the myths and realities of a selective college admissions process. There is tremendous anxiety and misinformation about the college selection process and our view is that accurate information and thoughtful discussion helps relieve, rather than increase, anxiety and allows each student the opportunity to grow and achieve in healthy ways without the added pressure of worrying about whether or not they will get into a “good” college.

Understandably, our clients reflect the full gamut of college aspirants, from those families approaching a college search for the very first time to younger siblings of seasoned parents! We enjoy working with the precocious and motivated student as much as we treasure the timid, late-blooming or complicated learner. The college process represents an exciting and unique opportunity for each student to learn more about themselves while managing perhaps their first major life decision.

We are skilled and prepared to help you with any aspect of the search, including selection of appropriate colleges and universities, application/interview preparation, test prep recommendations – and even post-graduate alternatives for students who may benefit from an additional year before college. For years, we have successfully placed numerous students throughout the U.S. and even abroad, expanding and refreshing our knowledge of schools from first-hand experiences, contact with admissions professionals and visits.

Before the Initial Meeting

Once you have spoken with our Client Relations Coordinator, you may set up an initial courtesy call, to ensure the collaboration feels like a good fit for everyone. A family can decide at that point what level of service they would like. You may prefer to have your counselor involved in the entire college selection and application process, or you may prefer just a list of schools or just coaching with essays. Your counselor will work with your family to determine the best way of proceeding. If you choose to go forward with the full service package, the following is included:

The Initial Meeting

It is helpful to have the student and parents present at the initial meeting, although the parents are often asked to step out of the room for a period of time so that our counselor can meet with the student alone. The initial meeting is a time for the counselor to get a sense of where the student is (cognitively, emotionally, and behaviorally) with regard to the college process. Understanding where the parents are is also essential to making sure that everyone is on the same page and expectations of service, are clear and agreeable.

Review of Materials

Parents/students should come to the meeting prepared with whatever information they have that could prove relevant to the college process. This includes standardized test scores, high school transcripts/grade reports, psychological reports, resumes, etc. Our counselor will review all of this information as well as any other relevant information from the high school.

The List of Options

After gathering information about the student’s academic background and interests, career goals, extracurricular pursuits, and preferences with regard to numerous factors related to college selection (e.g., size, location, Greek life, sports, etc.) your counselor will generate a list of college options that she believes would be a good fit for the student. This list tends to evolve over time as students research and visit schools and our counselor is happy to help revise the list as needed.

Application Process

Once the list is finalized, the counselor will meet with the student periodically throughout the admissions process to assist the students with organizing their materials, writing their college essays, filling out their applications, preparing for interviews, and meeting their deadlines. The counselor will also contact college admissions counselors and advocate on a student’s behalf if necessary.

Additional Services

  • referrals for test-prep
  • resume writing
  • assistance for students with LD/ADD/ADHD

Gap Year

Some students choose to apply to college and defer their admission, while others simply decide to participate in a gap year program directly after high school. Other students will take a gap year during college. Our counselors are available to assist students with their gap year planning and to help navigate the gap year program selection and application process.

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