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Media, fear and regaining control

On September 7, 2022

Having recently returned to DC after two months in a small Maine town, I am struck by our local list serve which serves up regular helpings of reactivity, fear, and anxiety in seemingly real-time postings of disturbing events and interactions. These postings have the same tone and effect as cable…

Moving on

On May 13, 2022

In June it will have been one year since we moved into our new offices in Bethesda’s Sumner Center, just two miles from our ancestral home on MacArthur where SCG operated for over two decades. Though nearby, the settings could not be more different. Whereas previously we worked out of…

Boundaries and Consequences

On September 28, 2021

Parents are understandably concerned about the best ways to set boundaries and manage consequences. On the one hand, they know their role is to establish structure, safety, and reasonable expectations for their child. On the other, they worry about striking the right balance, in order to maintain flexibility and, most…


On June 23, 2021

A true action arises from self-knowledge; wisdom arises out of action. – Rachel Pollack We’ve had plenty of opportunity to sharpen our self-knowledge in the last year or so. As the world slowly recovers and heals from a global pandemic, perhaps we’ll notice how we’ve refined or clarified our priorities…

Staying Grounded in Relationship and Process

On March 2, 2021

At the School Counseling Group, education consulting is grounded in relationship and process, as well as content. Though our clients of course hire us for our seasoned expertise on schools, colleges, and therapeutic programs, how we interact with our clients– the process—is fundamental to the outcome. We show up as…