Our Process

The relationship between you and your consultant is the single-most important ingredient to a satisfying result. A successful working relationship establishes clear expectations at the outset of the partnership. The role of your consultant varies according to each family’s needs, comfort and desires but in general our process is as follows.

Initially, we ask that all new clients contact our Director of Client Services, who will gather preliminary information, walk you through our process and fee structure and direct your family to the “best-fit” consultant according to your child’s needs and the nature and scope of your search. The Director of Client Services will then schedule an initial meeting or call with one of our consultants, as appropriate.

No matter what type of placement you are exploring, all families begin with an initial consultation. A unique, professional relationship is established upon a thoughtful understanding of needs and shared objectives. Therefore, at the initial consultation, you will share information about your family and your child, often sharing a narrative, strengths and affinities as well as challenges. Some families choose to include their child in this initial meeting, while others prefer to schedule a separate follow up meeting with their child at a later date. If you decide to include your child in the initial meeting, there will be time for the parents and the student to each meet separately with the counselor. We feel this “separate” time is essential to giving each child a voice in this significant moment in their life. Following the initial meeting, your counselor will review relevant materials such as testing, transcripts and/or report cards and, often will speak with other professionals to gather additional information, history and perspective.

Once we have completed the initial assessment, we will provide guidance about school or program options and provide you with points of contact so that you can ask questions and arrange for visits, as warranted. As you explore the options, we will encourage you to communicate your thoughts with us so that we can help you refine the initial list, accordingly. We willingly advocate on your behalf to schools and programs, as necessary, and help with any aspects of the application process requiring personal support. We are partners with you throughout the process. We will be honest and supportive and, in return, we expect that you’ll be forthcoming and engaged. Ultimately you will make a thoughtful and informed decision and you will feel positive about doing so.