And in the end

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“Education consulting” is the service SCG has provided for more than 40 years since Ethna established the firm in 1979. Though our contractual arrangement with our clients is by nature “transactional,” a more relational animating spirit lights our fire. Though all occupations provide a service to mankind, some companies are more service oriented than others. This is by choice and varies widely, regardless of the business. Though each of is ultimately responsible for our own lives—”we do it on our own”— we never really do it “entirely” on our own. We all receive help along the way and, as John Lennon so perfectly stated it: “And, in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Life is relational and interdependent. On our best days we model this understanding in all that we do. It makes the world a better place. Confucius taught this years ago and his wisdom still holds. 

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